J I L L – S C O T T is in the building..

Last weekend I went to see Jill Scott. If you have never seen her, you have not lived!!! I left work early, and rushed home to prepare for what I had been waiting all week for. My evening with Jill Scott… It was everything and even more than that. She had us all on lock as if she was the preacher and we were her flock! And I for one, would just like to testify that Jilly from Philly is the real thing! She looked great, sang phenomenally, effortlessly even. She delivered with smooth ease, and her energy was even more refreshing.
Her band was thee absolute best, and her background singers were amazing in their own right. She sang just about everything I wanted to hear and yet, I still yearned for more. She mixed a little of the old with the new. She commanded the audience on “Rolling Hills” and we rocked to the bip and bop of “Boom”… We strolled with her as she took “a long walk”, grooved with her as she “slowly, surely” walked away from love, and we cried with her as she reminisced on the way “He Loves Me”… Ok this is where Jill really showed her skills. This girl’s voice echoed through the whole pavilion as she took us on a journey Ava Maria style… Jill Scott finished the song in French… That’s right French!! I was just sitting there memorized like, oui oui (we we). She connected with the audience in a way that made me love her even more. She did some poetry and had us all finger snapping and shot calling. Jill cannot be put into anybodies box! She is multifaceted, beyond one dimensional, and so easy to love. How can anyone not love Jilly? I mean really! Its day’s later, and I’m still living my life like its “Golden”… and bopping my head to my Jill Scott collection. She finished the concert with “Blessed” and it was so fitting. I cannot wait to see her again…

Here’s what I was wearing:
Teal Tank- Wet Seal
Royal blue skinny jeans- H & M
Cream boyfriend blazer- thrifted
Fedora- Love Culture
Beaded necklace- Burlington
Bracelets- various
Purse- F21
Leopard Earrings- F21
Shoes- Fergie Brand (can’t remember where)









  1. Always liked her music and thought she was fantastic in The No:1 Ladies Detective Agency.

    Love your outfit, it has tons of personality; I especially like the hat/earrings/blazer combination.

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