DaNcIng QuEeN

A few weeks ago, my 14 yr. old daughter came home and told me that she had been nominated for homecoming queen. She caught me so off guard and I was too elated. I exploded with excitement. You would have thought that I’d won a trillion dollars because I was so “extra”. My daughter told me to relax because it wasn’t that serious. Excuse You! REALLY? WHAT? You bet your big bright eyes it’s serious little miss homecoming queen! I proceeded to explain it was even more than that, and that she should consider it an honor. To be thought of enough to be nominated by your peers speaks volumes about you. She wasn’t having it. She simply said, its not that important to me and it wouldn’t upset me if I didn’t win. Meanwhile, I’m secretly making up slogans in my head. Calling myself her campaign manager, and already mentally putting together her outfit in my my mind. BAM! I am gone! I heard her telling all of her friends, my mother is crazy! And she is calling herself my campaign manager. LOL. That cracked me up. As the days went by, i kept bugging my child about her outfit, getting engraved pencils with her name on them, bumper stickers, sashes, the whole 9. She said Ma, please stop. I have to admit, I was so gone, and living vicariously through her. So now the day has come. This saturday was the day of the homecoming dance, and I didn’t want to push it, but needed to know, if she had won. Although she had a ton of votes, she didn’t win:-(
And…..just like she said, she was totally cool with it. Well, you win some, and loose some. Besides, she’ll always be my queen. As I stated earlier, I picked her whole look out from head to toe before I even stepped foot into any store to purchase her outfit. This morning, I was busy running errands and catching up with a friend. We had lunch. Talked so much, had a blast and she was such a friend to me today. Afterwards, I came home and did fourteen’s hair, followed by her make-up and then her transformation was complete. I have to say, and not just because she’s my daughter, she was the absolute most beautiful little lady. It’s always humbling to watch your child grown up. From a baby, to a tot, to a preschooler, to middle school, highschool, and college too (my oldest is in college). It’s just such a wonderful feeling. Her outfit turned out just the way I imagined it. After the dance, her hair was mostly sweated out, I said let me find out you are a dancing queen:-) This little lady is gorgeous, and I am so overjoyed to say, this little lady is one of God’s gift to me.

My Queen is wearing:

Dress- Macy’s
Boy’s Tuxedo Blazer- thrifted
Fishnet’s- Rue 21
Shoes- Burlington
Fingerless fishnet gloves- Rue 21
Pearl Earrings- Forever21
Pearl Necklace- mines/old
Leopard clutch bag- Burlington







Disclaimer: I was running on little to no sleep and this is my rushing around Saturday look. As a matter of fact Don’t even look at my outfit! Lol..







  1. Cindy A. said:

    Cheap but Fabulous!

    She looks so cute! You did a great job putting her outfit together.

  2. Barbara said:

    She looks adorable. You did a fabulous job styling her.

  3. Nicole Elmore said:

    Beautiful,Just Beautiful!!

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