Rain, Remix, Recycled

And so we begin another wonderful week. That’s how we have to think of it, a week of wonder. This week kick starts the Thanksgiving festivities. I’ve already noticed the traffic is heavier, the stores are more crowded and the markets are selling out of inventory like hot cakes. Get ready, get ready, get ready. Anyway, I had a pretty chill weekend. Had a few mishaps by way of people and their negative energy. Even had some people discover my blog who seemed to almost be bothered by it. Like, really hating on a blog? Why? It’s not about you, it’s about me. It’s my style, my feelings, my way and it’s harmless. It’s a positive part of my life that I’ve started this blog. I absolutely enjoy it. I refuse to let negative energy from people who are afraid to get in touch with themselves stop my flow. So those negative persons can just keep reading, and keep checking, and I’ll keep doing me. I’ve met some nice people here who support what I do, so that’s all that matters. Sorry yall just had to get that brief little rant out. It’s done now J

This morning, I had a skirt on but when I went out it was raining and foggy, so I turned my behind around and totally changed my outfit, as I wanted to be comfortable and dry in the morning gloom. What I have on now is extremely comfy. It’s surprisingly warm today for this time of year.

Scatter brain moment: Did yall watch the American music awards last night? How bout those AMA’s. It was a hot mess if you ask me. When I was coming up, these award shows were the highlight of the year. The performances were always great, epic even, and we’d all discuss and share our favorite performances’, and singers for like the whole week. Lately, these award shows have not been good. It was just different. I was bored!

Anyhoo, this morning, the four year old asked me to take her picture for my blog… Yall might be unable to imagine the things this little girl thinks, does, and speaks. I told her yes, I’d take her picture and she told me once again that she should have her own blog! Lol…

Everyone have a blessed and safe week!

I’m wearing
Stripped button down- Anne Klein
Skinny Belt- (not sure)
Green Cardigan- H&M
Scarf- Burlington
Boots- Target
Watch- Gift

Four is wearing
White Graphic Tee- JC Penny’s
Roll up Jeans- Target
Lacoste Cardigan- Gift
Rain boots- Ross
Eye glass case/purse- The Children’s place




Fourteen is wearing
Jacket- Gap
Jeans- Wet Seal
Top- Forever 21
Boots- Nordstrom


Here a few different looks that I wore over the weekend. Nothing heavy. I went out Saturday night for a quick cup of tea with a friend. Since I put this outfit on so late and only had it on for about three hours, I recycled and remixed it by putting in some other pieces when I went out Sunday afternoon.




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Peace and blessings!


  1. julia williams said:

    I have to agree with you about the AMA. Very boring. As usually,I enjoy reading your blog. Alwats anxious to read the next one. Peace

  2. Deelightful Dee said:

    Great outfits Fabulous! 4 year old really should have her own blog. Count this as a vote for for her! As for the AMA’s, since when do Rihanna, Chris Brown considered soul singers????? Changed the channel when Nicky Minaj (?) almost fell twice! Shouldn’t wear heels that can cause u bodily harm! My little rant. Lol

    • Thanks for the compliments. The four year old really thinks she can do a blog. Funny thing is, she’d probably have more followers than me! lol… Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. Jennifer said:

    Oh, your babies got some hair!! Love the pics nice to see the family.

  4. Yvette said:

    Your daughter is adorable and falling in her mothers fashionable footsteps ! It would be cute to have your daughter doing some guests posts because kids tend to say and do the darnest things ! I just found your blog and I love that you list where you got your pieces ! They give me hope to find cheap but fabulous outfits !

    • I’m glad you enjoy it.. That’s the idea of the blog, to help people in all areas. Affordable clothes, parenting, faith, etc.. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Those blue rain boots are too adorable for words.

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