Out the box

Hey hey hey..
Yes, it’s true, I’ve been on a very brief but extremely neccessary hiatus. Just a few days. No sweat.. I’m back. Well, after a busy work week, I capped it off by spending an intimate evening with my Pastor and some of his twitter followers. It was his first tweet-up and it was amazing. It was an intimate group and he revealed so much to us in a span of a few hours. He schooled us basically on life, love, relationships, and God. The words he dropped into that atmosphere were ones I gladly devoured, and shall never forget. He is an amazing teacher, and a true humanitarian. The concept called Bishops Flow, was intended to bring a group of folks together, many of who had never met, to discuss life issues, and to establish a connection of FLOW
which means, Finding the Lord Outside the Walls. Sometimes, things don’t always have to be done in the pulpit. Healing can begin anywhere, and for many of us it began last night outside the walls of the church. It was such a flow. Bishop’s Flow had us all captivated. We just soaked it up like a sponge. I’ve heard of people having tweet-ups before, but this meeting was so innovative. I learned so much about Bishop Thomas, about people in general, and mainly about myself. I would certainly classify it as epic.
We ate, and laughed, had AHA moments, getting put on straight street moments, fun, and even line dancing. I truly had a blast.
This was so out of the norm for me. It was maybe forty-five people there. I felt it an honor to be amongst those invited. It was out of the norm for me because I’m not the person that can walk into a room of forty strangers and walk out with forty friends. I’m the person that would leave the room with zero friends. I keep a small circle. I’m reserved, quiet, and laid back. I scope the scene and basically am an introvert. I recently told a friend that, and she was like, “you are not an introvert, you are so transparent and giving of yourself”. I told her that’s because she knows me now, so its all good, I’ll talk her head off. Lol.. I open up when I get to know people. Certainly not in a room full of strangers. Most of them if not all were members of my church, but we’ve never met. So, I stepped out the box. Usually, I would have had a friend with me and that would have made it less awkward. But, I’m a big girl, and I challenged myself to just do it. It was fine. I chit chatted with folks and it was a great time. I walked out with some new twitter friends, and met some I had been chatting with before. I’m so proud of me. Cause let me tell you, I tried to talk myself out of going for three days. Until finally, I had to say to myself, stop it!! Trust God and go. Needless to say, I had a blast! And would do it again in a heartbeat.

I rushed home from work, and got ready. I should have decided early on what I’d wear, but I didn’t so here I go again, rushing and looking for an outfit. I didn’t have a lot of time so I played it safe and just wore a simple blazer, T-shirt and jeans. Check out the pics below.
I wore:

Black tank/white Tee- H&M
Jeans- Old Navy
Blazer- thrifted
Shoes- Marshalls
Tights- Target
Earrings- H&M
Watch- Gift
Necklace- Lori’s
Clutch- Burlington






Have a great weekend everyone.
Peace and Blessings

  1. Hello Kitty! Love the outfit. Wow thats so nice that your Bishop included you in the FLOW meeting. I would have been so inspired. Love the post! Keep it up! We miss you when your gone! Love you!

    • Thank you Jennifer.. And thank you for always being a supporter from the first time you found this blog! Love ya back.. You remind me to stay encouraged.. Ok, I’m back! Lol..

  2. Nicole Elmore said:

    Wow, I love It!!! Breathtaking, refreshing & filled with your passion. You have inspired me to the next Level. I love the Outfit, I Love everything that you are doing with your blog.. Now Let me get back to reading…This is just Awesome De’Lisa

    • Thank you Nic.. I’m so glad to see you here. And I am even more glad you enjoy the blog. Please keep coming back. Thank you!

  3. julia williams said:

    Nice article. I had an Awesome day in church. Never let anyone’s Perception of you,become a Reality. Tuff words.

  4. Mary Conyers said:

    I’m so proud of you and glad you change your mind and went. Hang in there!!

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