The proof is in the pudding

Hello Dears,
Just wanted to stop in a do a quick outfit post. Today is my one of my daughters 15th birthday. I’m devoting my time to celebrating her, so I’m gonna make this quick. I have so much to talk about, but I’ll spread it out over the week. Stay tuned, it’s gonna be good.

Yesterday, was a glorious day. The kids and I went to 9:30 service yesterday and it was a great service. I had an awesome experience and I rode that feeling all day long. After church, we went out for brunch like we usually do on Sunday. Four was so impressed with her food, and how pretty it was that she asked me to take a picture of it. Ha!

This post will be more pictures than writing and I’m almost done because I have to go and celebrate my bday girl. Here’s a picture I snapped of her this morning. Isn’t she gorgeous, and she is totally a fashionista. She’s creative and makes things and really is in touch with her own sense of style.
Fifteen is wearing:
Shirt- Wet Seal
Tights- Rue21
Boots- Target
Jacket- Gap/thrifted

My kids aren’t into taking pictures like that. My son ask, is this for your blog, oh no! Lol..
So it’s just me and baby girl, who is always camera ready.
Four is wearing
Shirt- H&M
Pants- Target
Faux leather- Rainbow for kids
Fur Leopard vest- Target
Shoes- Target



I’m wearing a serious bargain outfit. I do not play. Just to prove my barginista ways, I’ll include the prices this time. I love the different variations of green from the skirt, sweater, tights, and shoes.
V-neck sweater- Target $9.99
Skirt- Old Navy $3.98
Tights- Target $5
Patent leather belt- thrifted $1
Green patent leather shoes- old thrift were brand new- $6
Pearls- old
Pearl earrings- beauty supply $1
Bracelets- F21, H&M, Urban outfitters








So you see, a complete, and fabulous outfit for under $30 bucks.
Also the purse I wore, not shown here was $3 also thrifted. Tsk. Tsk. It is not a game! The proof is in the pudding.
Hope you enjoyed!
Peace and blessings

  1. julia williams said:

    Looking Good!!!!!!!!!

  2. Roxy said:

    Four is definitely a fashionista in the making! These are the pictures she will look back on and say “see I had style from way back then!”

  3. Miss Dre said:

    Hey lady! You and the girls look fab! I’m loving those green shoes you are wearing too.

  4. I love this look, it’s very Mad Men 60’s!! The skirt and sweater look great together!

    • Thrifting is the business. Been doing it for years and never tire of it. Lol… Thanks for stopping by..

  5. Nicole Elmore said:

    Please Teach me how to Thrift!!! You & Your Family looking FAB!!! I really should be working, but your blog are so much more intresting.. lol

    • Nic, whenever you want to hang out and go thrifting I told you, I’m down! We can go early one Saturday morning but I must warn you, it’s addictive!!! Lol..

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