You must not know bout me..

Hey Dears…
I miss my blog and have stayed away just a tad bit too long. Forgive me readers, and followers.
I’ve been busy doing stuff.

Being a mom, blogging, reading blogs, studying, trying to get into the word more, work, new work, de-cluttering my life, working my vision board, on top of a host of other things is all like having two full time jobs, seriously! And I needed a minute. Woosahhhh… Lol

I spoke to a blogger friend who was telling me about scheduling future post. Hmmmm, maybe I shall try that. Writing is still my first love and it’s also important to me when folks come here and genuinely reach out to me and offer support, encouragement and that extra push I sometimes need. Thank you all for continuing to read my thoughts, ramblings, & moments of temporary insanity. Lol.. Love you guys!! Muah xoxo

You must not know about me, but im sort of a Jack-e of all trades. There are so many things I’ve been blessed with the talent to do. I will begin to show more of those things as my blogging journey continues. One of the things I love is writing poetry. I’m definitely sensitive about it, and I’m more private with it as well. I’ve had secret journals filled with poetry since the age of fourteen. Well, little by little and bit by bit, I’ll allow a glimpse to emerge from time to time of some recent poetry. I say it’s time to break out. Take a look below:

Very deep within, my soul cries out Hallelujah
For I’ve tried life, on my terms, sinking deeper and deeper in sin…
I was lost, and God rescued me from the bowels of my own destruction.
Crazy, depressed, hazy, and blinded by my own selfish desires.
Used, abused, shattered, and cut off, a disguise of my own false existence…
Very deep within, my soul cried out, save me…
And he did.
Now I can breathe the breath of life
I can live, I can laugh, I can sing
My refuge, my strong tower, my knight and shinning armor.
My King plucked me from the bowels of my own despair and welcomed me with open arms.
Oh my soul, from very deep within cries out Hallelujah
the end..

Let me know what you guys think, and if you’d like me to post more in the future for you guys to read.

I haven’t really had time for outfit post. The last one was a little over a week, and I didn’t even post it. Shame, shame, shame on me!
I wore:
Top: Old Navy
Jeans- Target
Blazer- thrifted
Shoes- rainbow
Hoops, necklace, bangles- Claire’s, F21
Clutch- shoppers world
Peacoat- Target







As you can see, my natural hair is really growing alot. It’s getting on my nerves and I’m quite board with it, so I braided it up. I haven’t taken any outfit pics since I’ve had the braids, but here’s a quick look at them



Sooooo what do you think about the braids? People have told me that it changes my whole look. I haven’t worn braids in about 10yrs so it’s a little change for me as well. With my hair being natural I have to find more protective styles to wear in the future.

Well guys, I hope you all are having a great weekend. Plenty of football going on in my house. I can’t wait to see my team bring it home. Go Ravens!!!!

Peace and Blessings,

  1. Jeeda said:

    I like the poem…keep’em coming! I think blogging is a great way to share things you wouldn’t normally share or don’t know how to go about sharing. I know I’ve gotten better with opening up and sharing a bit more because I’m a real stickler on keeping my personal life private and not letting people in. Love the pops of color and the pattern mixing….and you can have so much fun with the braids and different outfits!

    • Thanks for stopping by Jeeda. I am much like you in terms of privacy, I am finding myself opening a little more as well though. And it’s crazy how a hairstyle can change an outfit just like that! I’ve been having fun mixing it up too.

  2. I love the braids girl too cute and all the outfits girl you are truly a DIVA! I really enjoyed the poem its so nice that Christians are tapping into their spiritual gifts!

    • Thank you Jenn.. I’m trying to work these braids girl. One thing for sure, I’ve never been tender headed, but since I’ve been natural my scalp is super tender and sensitive. And I’m glad you like the poem!

  3. i really like the blazer! and the jeans look much more expensive than target. i like the outfit 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by.. Yes, that blazer is my Lands End find from the three store for $3.75. It’s one of my faves! Thanks

  4. Ticka said:

    The braids are really cute on you! Love them!

    I also like the zigzag pattern on that green shirt. And paired with the peacoat! Super cute!

    I try to get a few posts together ahead of time too. Life is just hectic sometimes. It is a relief when I can just head over to an already made post w/pics and tweak a few words here and there and post.

    • Thank you for stoppog by Miss Ticka! Great advice on the future blog post. I’ll have to come up with a remedy soon.

  5. Nicole Elmore said:

    I Love the poem and I Love the hair too!!! You are beautiful,so I think you look beautiful no matter what style you are wearing. Delisa, Everytime I look at your pictures. I am saying ” Why haven’t she submitted her photos to Essence for ” What you are wearing in your city. So I decided to ask you if I could submit one of your photos to them, because You ROCK SOME CLOTHES. I am so serious. Delisa, I will surley send it,and then follow up with them(lol) Delisa, your best days are ahead of you. Your gift shines so brightly!!!!

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