Olivia is my muse.. Scandal inspired

Hello Dears,
As promised, I rummaged through my closet to find a hint of Olivia Pope inspired gear. Notice I said “inspired” because nobody can do it like Liv. I started out with a suit but then, I felt too hot.. Maybe tomorrow I’ll rock the suit. Today, I opted for an Ann Taylor dress from loft. I found this dress out thrifting a few years ago. One thing I remember is the tag was still there. Score!
Well by now, you all must know, I’ve been infected by the Scandal virus. This show is like a super bug. Anybody who tunes in to just one episode will surely be infected. There are so many things I love about Liv. She is so smart its down right ridiculous. You notice how when she’s on her grind, her sophistication shines through even more. With one comment she can take you down, or build you up. She commands her audience and she knows who she is. There’s just that one flaw. She’s having an affair with a married man, and typically I wouldn’t root for this type. However, this is TV and in my primetime TV world, this woman can do no wrong.
Ten things I love about Olivia Pope
1. She’s fearless
2. She gives the underdog a helping hand (i.e, her whole team)
3. She is a business owner
4. She has influence
5. She is a gladiator.. Lol
6. She’s a leader
7. She challenges those around her
8. She’s strong
9. She’s a fashionista
10. She has the same name as my baby niece. (isn’t she gorgeous)



I’m wearing:
Dress- Ann Taylor- thrifted
Blazer- Target
Shoes- DSW
Briefcase- thrifted
Necklace- gift
Bracelets- thrifted
Watch- Michael Kors




20120516-101457.jpg Lil Miss five wanted in on the action before heading off to school. She’s wearing dress and shoes- Target, Denim Jacket- The Children’s place.


I hope you enjoyed the look!
Don’t forget to tune in to the season finale of Scandal Thursday 10pm on ABC.
Have a wonderful day Dears
Peace and blessings

  1. julia williams said:

    Awwww,look at my OffSprings!! Yall Rockin it today.

  2. Your kids need to be in commercials I would buy anything they are selling! Love the pics and the article so cute.

  3. Dee. You should start a show. Like a vlog even. You’d do well. And could your kids not have been cuter?

    • I don’t know if I’d be good at a vlog.. I’m very shy believe it or not, but thank you for that! đŸ™‚

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