Say what?

Remember this post titled SAY WHAT? I posted it here in February 2012. It’s about a girl who abuses her children. Her issues are many but stem from a past that I would like to explore with my writing. These characters are playing in my head, and I can’t sleep so instead I write. Thinking outside the box is often required, especially in this post. Read it again, and let it take your mind someplace other than right vs wrong. I’ve started writing a short story about the young mother in the poem so be looking out for that soon.

DeeJourney of a Fab Writing Mom

Say what?
Sometimes, you have to do a double take at some of the things you hear. You might have to lean back, with a mean side eye as you mouth the words “say what?
I rode the train for work today and a lady was riding with two small children. The youngest looked like he was about one years old. He cried the whole way. After a while, the mom yells at him, “man , shut up I don’t have no candy man, y’all get on my F**** nerves crying all the time, shut up”.
Say what?
I cringed on the inside.
That poor baby immediately began to cry a river of tears, but this time it was different, these cries came deep from within, a place of hurt. She hurt that little one with her screaming, ranting, and raving. I wanted so badly to snatch him up in…

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