More confessions of a Single Lady

The potential was there. But then, ruin stepped in.

I was at a party and a friend was yapping my ear off incessantly about how his friend had a real affinity for me. Is that so, I thought. Yeaaaah, he told me, “my man has been in love with you for about 3 years.” I told him that was impossible being that he didn’t know me. Secondly, who are you his representative? I had never seen any action behind this alleged long standing crush,  therefore, it doesn’t exist.

I went on enjoying my night and then eventually I ran into the one with the supposed affinity for me. Again,  his representative jumped in and said here he is, he was looking for you. He stared me down like I was a tall glass of ice tea on a hot summer day. But he sure didn’t say much. He was pushed into telling me that it was true, he had been liking me for quite sometime and that he thought I was very good looking. I wasn’t impressed by that, or even flattered. But I thought it courteous to thank him for the compliment anyway. The representative kept trying to make a love connection, but that wasn’t the least bit on my radar.

Later I went out doors to catch some air, following close behind are Frick and Frack. The Rep jumps right back in where he left off. Speaking not for himself, but speaking for another grown man about his affections for me. Yap, yap, yap. I said what are you the puppet master. He said ,”Naw my man is just shy, and I said “Oh, well your man is not the man for me.”  Frack finally speaks up and says “I’m not shy, I just hadn’t had time to tell you about these things.”The Rep,  aka Frick aka the puppet master said, “ask for her phone number man.”
I said you know what, this is where I draw the line. This charade has gone on long enough. I can’t date, will not date, or even talk to a man who cannot talk for himself. If he has rejection issues or whatever,  then he needs to get a shrink. If I come off as unapproachable, I don’t even care anymore. The whole shy brother routine put a bad taste in my mouth.

Here is my confession:
I don’t even know that a numbers exchange would have happened or that anything would have progressed from the discovery of his self professed long standing crush. What I do know is that any potential was ruined simply because he couldn’t talk for himself. I don’t think a woman wants to talk to man that doesn’t have enough confidence to approach her . Are these tactics really working on women? Not me. I don’t play that.  Some of these men out here need to step their game up. They are either too bold, or not bold enough. I’m over this whole scene. The word disheartening comes to mind.


  1. Julia Williams said:

    Amen. when the right one comes along(God Given),you will know it. Stand on your principals.

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