His skin is creamy charo. His hair is shaped perfect, fresh, and sexy just the way I like it.

His stance is that of my kind, strong, powerful, and free all at once. The beauty of his smile is killing me minute by minute.

And I stare..

Does he see me looking at him?

He has to notice me.

My vibe has got to be sending some kinda current or surge his way.

This is not me..

I don’t do this because hey, I’m old fashioned.  And fine as I am, he should  be looking at me.

I can feel it.
If he looks my way and our eyes lock just for moment, he’ll know.

Does he see me?

I can’t stop looking at him..

If I breathe deep enough maybe, just maybe, I can sniff the aura of him and whatever this thing is he’s giving off right into my nostrils, into my very being and then he can become one with me…

This man got me open.
And he don’t even know me..

Hell, I don’t know him either.. But anyhow, he sure is something sweet to look at..

Copyright © 2013 D.Lavon- All rights reserved

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