Clutch your pearls – thieves are among us

It’s funny. But then again it’s not.

I feel a rant coming on.

This post may be all over the place. Maybe erratic.


It’s my blog and I can rant all over it if I choose to.

Moving on..

Let’s talk about plagiarism. 

Marriam Webster defines plagerism:  the unauthorized use of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one’s own.
something used and represented in this manner.

the verbatim copying or imitation of the language, ideas, or thoughts of another author and representing them as one’s own original work.
See also: Theft

So you see, it’s plan and simple. It’s theft.

Others will try and suck off all of your energy. Sniffing around your creativity,  trying to make something theirs that’s really not. 
Say what now? Your idea? Yea ok.

Bloggers beware.

It’s best to know these things exist. The risk of being taken is great.  With the flicker of an eye, and the curl of a lip, and of course, a copy and paste method, your ORIGINAL work, could get stolen.

Clutch your pearls, their are thieves among us.

But.. Guess what. It’ll never work.
Well…It might seem like it will at first, but ultimately, the wash has to come clean.

How about attempting to live out your own thing (Oh that’s too much to ask huh?)

How about tapping into your own gifts.
Hmmm. That’s a thought.

Do you have a CALLING? I sure do.

I guess some people think their calling is stealing. Pathetic.

If you scratch a lie, you’ll find a thief.

Seems to be an accurate assessment.

Something just ticked me off.

But you know what. I’m not even worried.

You know why?

Back to this CALLING thing I speak of. Took me a while to embrace mines. But either way, its already written. My story is already written.

The thing I love about the God that I serve is that all my gifts come from him. It’s not entertainment, nor is it just a hobby.. That’s right, it’s real. The torch was handed to me. I’m a vessel and through God–my voice is mine,  the words I write are mine, the ideas are mine, the vision is mine, and…. get this, there ain’t one devil theif, that can take my things away from me.

Clutch your pearls again, because favor can’t be FAKED.

Drop the mic.

I’m out.


  1. Nice. I’ve often thought about being stolen from, assuming my stuff is good enough to steal. I even tried to copyright it through some free website, but, then, through additional research, realized the site was bogus. The only concrete way to safeguard your writing is to hire a lawyer and legally copyright it. Sucks, but I’m willing to risk it because the risk f going crazy by not blogging is greater than that of theft, at least for me.

    Best regards,

    • I’m with you on that. I’ve done my research as well, and like I said, the risk is great. I’m not going to stop blogging either. No theif is gonna run me off.

      It’s a mess though right? Ticks me off!!

      And… sure your stuff is good enough to get stolen. I’m just saying.

      Good is relative. And a matter of opinion. I just witnessed something I didn’t like, and I sounded off. Lol.. I was oh so serious at the same time.

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