Let’s talk about it


Let’s talk about.. remember these oww baby, baby sisters? And who could forget their smash Let’s talk about sex!

Well I wanna talk about something alright, but it sure ain’t sex.

It’s that danggone Grammy show.

For the past several years I’ve been waiting to be wowed like I was in the 80’s and 90’s.


They let me down every time.

First off these are my opinions. So walk with me here if you don’t mind.

I’m sort of what you would call a music connoisseur. I like all types of music and because of my upbringing, being around great voices and good music all my life, as far as vocals and lyrics are concerned, I live by a certain standard.

Music just ain’t music no more.

I mean it is, but you have to listen to the old stuff or the legends to be moved. Atleast I do.

There are a few great ones mixed in with the more popular mediocrity that is considered “good music” these days.
And that’s where the problem with the Grammys begin for me.

The few talented artist that are left, don’t get the recognition they deserve.
I wait, and I wait every year, and every year, I’m throughly disappointed.
I mean just who is this academy that decides and what exactly is their merit system? Surely real talent isn’t measured because some of the performances and winners…Chile please, let me just shut up about that.

All I keep hearing about is Pharrell’s hat, Beyoncés wet hair, the marriage that Queen Latifah officiated,  and what everybody had on. I DON’T CARE,  I DON’T CARE.

I’m only here for the music ok.

You know the Grammys have truly fell off when the only thing worth mentioning is what everyone wore. The red carpet is more popular than the performances. It’s not the oscars, it’s the Grammys… Give me a break.

Remember when the Grammys got you excited? I might be dating myself here, but some of my best Grammy moments happened in the 80’s. I have memories of Michael Jackson, Prince, Whitney Houston, you know, the greats. My absoulte favorite performances were that of Marvin Gay, and the one with Eric Clapton when he did Tears In heaven after his son had passed away…. ah yes, now that was magic.


I’m just an old soul. I like what I like and not one performance was magical for me.
No. Not one.

I do realize I’m a day late and a dollar short with this post, but I had to talk about it.

The state of music today. Blows me apart.

Oh well…

Did you like the Grammys? If so, who did you enjoy. Please tell me, I’d really like to know.

Peace and love,

  1. Drea said:

    Is it bad that I didn’t even watch it? I get so tired of getting disappointed with the Grammys. I took a peek at what some people wore on the red carpet, caught some highlights of things this morning, and that’s about it. I’m so tired of hearing about Bey’s hair and that wedding though. I miss real music and hate that I always have to travel back decades to hear lots of it. Smh. And like you said, the really talented musicians of the time don’t even get recognition. I don’t know what’s happening!

    • If anybody would get this post, i knew you would sis.. The music is just in us. Aww i miss you! I’m heading over to your blog now! 🙂

  2. cardamone5 said:

    I love your voice, so fresh and attitudy (spell check is telling me I just made that word up, but I don’t care ’cause it fits!)

    I don’t watch the Grammys for the very reasons you stated. I think the last one I agreed with was Nora Jones, and lately, she’s been just mediocre.

    I credit my husband with my music standards and taste. We have a running joke that he subversively makes me like music by playing it over and over until I become familiar enough with it to like it. He’s also has eclectic taste: blues, jazz, standards, funk, alternative country (Jay Hawks, Blue Rodeo, Jar Ferrar, Lucinda Williams, Mary Gauthier, Lyle Lovette, the list goes on), gospel, disco, punk, and icons that fall into their own genre (Michael Jackson-I could listen to Off the All and Thriller all day long, Marvin Gay, Otis Redding, etc.)

    Anyway, your pic of Salt and Pepper brought back so many memories. I love them. Also, I cried when Lisa Lopes died, as Waterfalls is one of my favorites.

    Thanks for reminding me of good music.

    best regards, elizabeth

    • Lol.. can I borrow the word “attitudy” from you? 🙂 I love it and thank you so much for the compliment. Just like my writing, I can’t live without music. I’m a sucker for the good stuff. Michael Jacksons Off The Wall is one of my favorites. I still get chills when I listen to “I Can’t Help It.” See that’s what I’m missing in today’s music, the chills…

      And Elizabeth… I can tell that we could have ourselves a good time talking about music. The good stuff. But, let’s not leave out your hubby out because I love jazz and am so crazy about Lucinda Williams, AND yes, Jay Ferrar all day!

      I’m so glad I’m not alone with my thoughts on the Grammys. Thx for reading !!!

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