As If I Would..

He comes at me and stares me down like I should be open to this.

As if I would.

He blows me a kiss.

Can you get to know me? What?
You’re kidding right?
And if I was to get to know you sir, what would it be like?

Forgive me for my judgment but you smell of alcohol, your fingernails are filthy, and your eyes are so red that it’s hard to believe they’ll ever turn white again.

I can speak to you about my life, I can speak to you about God.

But he said, “I don’t need to know all that, I know God, I want to know you in a special way, I wanna be your man.”

How would that work?
Could I take you home to my children? Count on you to earn a living and be responsible for yourself.
Would you be a positive asset to my life.
I mean think about it, is today the last day you take a drink.
Is today the day you clean your nails atleast.
And stop looking for your next great scheme.
Is today the day you seek forgiveness for whatever and try to live a better life. Is today the day you become productive.  
I can pray for you.
I even wish you well, but.. You don’t really want to know me.  
You’ve known plenty of me’s.
Unlike what you think, we aren’t that rare of a breed.
And I’m sure, throughout your times, you’ve ran across me a time or two..Maybe even three..

He stops, and stares as if he gets it now..

He looks at me and says, “yea I know you… Had one just like you. My crazy ex wife she wanted me to come home at night, stop drinking, stop gambling, quit my girlfriend, go to work, help pay the bills, and give her my all. Naw, I ain’t ever going back to that.. Excuse me Miss Lady, but I gotta get away from you.”

Gladly sir, and you have a blessed day.

I cracked up at the irony of him “getting away from me” like, he thought I was somehow open to this.
As if I would..

  1. Julia Williams said:

    On POINT!!!!

      • JustDeb said:

        Exactly! It is usually how I do it but I tend to get in trouble for it.

  2. Nicole Elmore said:

    As if I would….Say it again Dee! The next time I am approach by someone of this manner. My response will be…As If I would and De’Lisa approves this statement.. I love the picture..It Speaks volumes

  3. Brad said:

    Sis u something else. Way to weed him out.

      • Brad said:

        Never left, I read every blog you post.

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