It’s always one..

If you are following the course of your gifts and doing it the way God tells you, don’t get distracted by other people’s opinions.

Everybody will not agree with what you are doing, but if God leads you to do it a certain way, honor that, no matter what.
I had one person basically tell me that my story (You Don’t Know My Shame) didn’t offer any hope. Well that’s her opinion, and she’s entitled to it. It wasn’t that she didn’t agree, it was the way it was said. Like planting a spirit of doubt.  Not gonna happen.

Offering hope was not my main objective with this story. However,  raising awareness and breaking the silence on childhood abuse was. It was an uncomfortable story and it was meant to make the reader feel a certain level of discomfort. I don’t write about moonbeams, lillies, or daffodils.  If that’s what you want, read another Author.
I write about the truth, raw, uncut, and that truth isn’t always so comfortable. For me, that’s the only way real change will happen. Actually tried to tell me how to write MY story. I said,  “well you know what you want,  you should write it, but as long as in writing. I’m gonna do it my way.”

It’s always one!
I’ve had too many people embrace this story and cry to me telling me how it made them think, made them want to make a difference,  and that was the point! Bottom line, someone who doesn’t get the process doesn’t stop me.

Peace and love

  1. I love it, straight no chaser. Sometimes the unvarnished truth is just what the doctor ordered!

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