My job is Ray Charles to it..

School delay.
School closing.

My job doesn’t care about any of it,  be on time.
These weather related school closings are hell on parents, especially single ones. If another parent were in the home, I would be like, “uh un, I’m not staying home, it’s your time,  I did it last week.”


I’m laughing but I’m pissed!

Look I know the rules ok..
I follow the rules. My work ethic is solid.
And every now and then, unforeseen foolery occurs.

But now, it’s starting to affect my upcoming vacation time. If this continues my children will be sitting around singing “kum ba yah my lord” during their spring break instead of being on a gorgeous vacation.


and then….
adding insult to injury, school resumed today,  well all schools except my seven years olds school. The power still hasn’t been restored in some areas/schools.
I should be understanding huh? Even though this is ruining my paid time off.

Now the hard choice comes in.
Do I:
1. Keep the older kids at home with the little kid?
2. Stay home with the little kid and get the occurrence and use yet another day of vacation time? (It’ll be the 6th day in the last 3wks, all weather/school closing related)
3. Take little miss I’m out of school today to work with me and have coworkers, patients,  doctors, nurses all look at me like I’m crazy?

Choices, choices…

I tried to talk to my manager about this,  and she is basically Ray Charles to it. She doesn’t see that a problem exist for me. GET To Work On Time.  That’s what she knows.
The life of a single mother,  it ain’t easy!
Where are you SPRING. I need you. ..
This too shall pass.


  1. Brilliant post! Lighthearted, funny but yet bold with truth.
    You are a good Mom because you think of different avenues upon which to travel around what could very well be a dead end. Resourceful and intelligent. Whatever you decided on this day I am sure it was the right thing to decide.

  2. We are getting slammed with this winter weather in my area…I don’t have any kids but I can see your dilemma. This weather is a killer and I too am expected on time for work (with my part time job anyway). It’s crazy! Hopefully it comes to an end soon and you won’t have to miss more days.

  3. I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award

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