The Stand..

You laugh and mock the life I made for you.
How did I get here?
Stripped of myself, my beauty, and… my dreams.

Naked before you,
and the world.
I can’t hide the truth.
I gave it all, and tried my best ,and it still shattered before my eyes.

Before days light,
I’ve cried an ocean for you and with every tear,
I lost a part of me.

I’m tumbling through life and it’s chaotic.
Desperately seeking a peak of the woman I use to be.
The calm comes when I just stand. Something tells me daily, Woman, you must stand!
I hear laughter, and children playing on the carousal of life.
I feel the heat of myself and I quiver in anticipation of meeting me again.
I stand tall.
And you,
are a distant memory of the tears dried by the sun of a new day’s light.
I am me again.
Living beautifully.
Fearfully and wonderfully living out my dreams.
No longer staying down.
I stand.

Copyright © 2012 D.Lavon- All rights reserved

I wrote that for a friend who was coming out of a bad marriage.
I know we all have our own process,  but it was just my way of saying I was there and that I believed it would pass. She told me the poem really encouraged her and she felt like could indeed STAND.

I love to be an inspiration, as so many have done the same for me.

Has anyone inspired you with words, or actions? Or just by standing with you in truth? Please share your experience.

Peace and blessings

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