A deeper love

Don’t get the story twisted.
If you don’t put God first and keep him first, you will be twisted.

Someone needs to get this.
Don’t miss this.
I’m telling you from experience.
Don’t forget or lose yourself,
for someone who doesn’t know your worth.

When you’re aligned with the one,
theres no need to worry about anyone.
If God didn’t send him,
don’t try to hold on when
he tells you to end it.
This is not the watered down version. This is the straight no chaser edtion. We have to stop settling and giving ourselves away. Please know, that a deeper love is waiting. The love I speak of is the love of Jesus Christ. When that is obtained consistently,  everthing else will fall in place. Don’t be desperate. Wait for the one. And stand on your principles. Don’t change it for anybody. These thoughts ran across my mind early this morning. Woke me from my sleep actually so I know it’s for someone. Maybe even for me…

Peace and love,

  1. And your heart beats with Him. Keep up the passionate blogging.


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