It’s Thursday right?

You darn skippy it is.

What does that mean?

Well for me, it’s the return of Scandal baby…

Whose a bigger Scandal addict than me? Hey look, I’ve got it bad and you know what, I don’t care.
Honey I lives for Olivia Pope, Fitz, Mellie, Harrison, Cyrus, Huck, yea, you got it right, I lives for the whole clan.
I do realize that a few lunatic happy people are perfectly fine without a dose of Scandal and to them I say, the choice is yours, I just don’t understand it.

I really wish someone would ring my phone tonight during Scandal. That’s a no no. It’s always some non-Scandal person doing the ringing too. Don’t even do it tonight, I ain’t having it! Ha!


Social media has been buzzing all day about the return of Scandal. I mean we’ve only been waiting a thousand years for its return. Geesh! LOL

I spotted a few good laughs today. And I wanted to share it here..

Scandalites and Gladiators alike. Enjoy!





Happy SCANDAL Thursday.

The count down has begun.


  1. HA!!! I just died….girl I may turn on my Do Not Disturb tonight on my phone. I’m soooo sleepy but I will fight to stay up tonight. I swear Olivia Pope is the only mistress I accept.

    • Exactly! Because you know we don’t get down with that mistress stuff in real life. It’s only for play play, like on TV.

      • Mmmmmhmmmm in real life Olivia would be the one that’s “handled” lol

  2. Julia Williams said:


  3. Timiarah Camburn said:

    My mother invited me to check out “Scandal.” I forgot, but I will look for it this week.

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