Help Terra Cafe Continue to Feed Baltimore — And Not Just With Food

I love Terra Café and all that it offers to the community. Being introduced to Terrence and his vision, “Neighbors Without Walls” which feeds the homeless in Baltimore City every 2nd Sunday has been a life changing and awe inspiring moment for me. Terrence has a heart of gold, and a love for people, the community and he does it all in real life!! He has shown great strength and resilience throughout this temporary set back of Terra being closed. Notice I said temporary, because Terra Cafe will reopen. The work is bigger than any of us. It’s blessed, it’s an honor, and I proudly support. Please help us POWER UP TERRA CAFE. In the words of Terrence, “Give Thanks” !!!


terra cafe logo

by Petula Caesar

Last night I was watching a documentary on Netflix about how Chipotle got started. Steve Ells, a culinary school graduate, wanted to open a fine dining restaurant over a decade ago. He decided to do a casual dining spot to start out, and to use the revenue from that to fund his fancy place. His dad gave him $80,000 and with a commitment to healthy fresh ingredients and well-prepared food — “food with integrity” he calls it now, Chipotle was born. It is now a $12 billion dollar a year company that still maintains that commitment to fresh ingredients, well-prepared food, and a desire to support its surrounding communities in positive ways.

Baltimore’s answer to Chipotle and Steve Ells is Terra Cafe and Terence Dickson.

terence dickson

Terra Cafe,  located at 101 East 25th Street in Baltimore is owned by Terence Dickson and has been around for about five…

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