Wake up trying, or remain sleep dying.

There are all kinds of negative forces around to keep us stuck, and not believing in ourselves. Before you count yourself out again, let me offer you this.
I’ve often shared a part of what I see as my vison or life dream with another person and I’ve been met with doubt, criticism, and the ultimate, planting the seed of negativity. You have to be aware of the company that you keep. If others are constantly telling you that you aren’t good enough or saying things that make you doubt what your mind is so set on achieving, remove these people from circle of space immediately.

I don’t care how strong you are, you will eventually become a product of your environment. Remove them. You can still love them but your emotional health is on the forefront.

No matter what anyone says, you must never stop trying. If you fail, then try again.
Wake up trying until the thing you want so badly becomes a reality. We can have whatever we want.

Sure, we may have to work for it.

True, it may not be easy.

Of course, we may stumble a few times.
But never, ever, wake up without trying again. Wake up! Or remain sleep.. The choice is yours, so which do you choose. Life, or death..

Just something to think about. I’ve been a member of the negative, I don’t believe you committee myself, and I had to give up the position. It didn’t suit me well, and I refuse to let anyway kill my dreams, and now everyday I wake up trying. Even if it’s starts with a pep talk like this, I wake up!

Peace and love,

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