Weird to the Rhythm

Hey peeps.. Did you all watch the Billboard Awards last night?
I half watched and switched channels for most of the show which means if anything meaningful happened, I surely missed it.
I’ve already discussed my disdain and utter disappoinent over award shows these days.
But… let me get right to it.
The Michael Jackson hologram. I managed to see that. And it was,
It was weird and down right creepy. It creeped me out.
The thing didn’t look like MJ, nor did it dance like MJ, and it was just weird.
I am the biggest MJ fan, but I wasn’t about to shed tears over a creepy hologram. I saw people crying in the audience and all of that. Maybe they were crying for what could have and should have been or just to his memory, because that holographic creepfest just didn’t do it for me. 

Entertainment is a shady business.
That display really solidified that even in death, others can still pimp you out and make money.
I don’t know, maybe it’s me, but I was quite disgusted by it.

What did you think of it? Did it move you?

If you missed it, feel free to view the link from vevo provided by YouTube here.

Michael Jackson – Slave To The Rhythm:

(It’s been a while, sorry I’ve been gone but I’ll do better, I declare it)

Peace and love,

  1. aclaycomb said:

    In another 50 years maybe they’ll also have a Miley Cyrus hologram concert. The music industry will continue to exploit the masses to make a buck.

    • I know.. technology has advanced so much, and it’s great. But stuff like that sickens me that it’s come to that!

  2. If they are going to manipulate his image I think they should have been more creative, like have him moonwalk straight up into the air instead of trying to imitate the real man. If we want to see him we can watch a video or movie were it was actually Michael performing his art instead of somebody trying to recreate it.

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