Domestic Violence awareness month

I used to be overly anxious, but now I’m free.
I am a domestic violence survivor.
I don’t wear it like a badge of tragedy, nor as a pawn for sympathy.
I tell it because it is my truth.
I was a victim, but no more.
I am an overcomer of shame, defeat, and everything in between.
I believed the masses when they said my abuse was my fault. But then I learned it wasn’t true.
I’ve long since shed the shame and stigma attached to my circumstance.
I don’t fit into a box, a category, or any clique.
I cry off of lifetime movies, and sing songs in the shower just like you. And although I’m mostly serious, I still don’t take myself too serious.
I don’t seek validation, nor do I have a need to be understood.
Just when you think you’ve got me figured out, my rotation will change again.
I learn.
I grow.
I evolve.
I am not stuck.
I am moved.
I do love hard, yet not easily at all.
I forgive.
I turn the other cheek.
I am sensitive
I am strong
I am cut and dry
I am complex, and simple at the same time.
Yes, I’m oxymoronic. And I so dig me.
I am destined for greatness.
I am living a life constantly in expectation of something greater.
I am a woman.
I’ve been through tough times but,
I did survive it and you can too.

It’s Domestic Violence Awareness month. We must speak up. Demand no more. Become aware. Help someone. Be supportive. Never give up.

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Peace and love,

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