Scandal is back !!


Now, what kinda girl would I be if I didn’t write about my utter anticipation and overwhelming butterflys-in-my-stomach excitement over the return of Scandal Thursday.
I admit, at the beginning of the season I was falling asleep and bored out of my mind. The show was slow, and I was waiting for them to ring the alarm. Well they did more than ring it, at the end of the winter finale, they flat out set it off!

I mean, dang Auntie Shonda Rhimes, you made us wait 2,000 sunrises and 2,000 sunsets to see Olivia again..

Will we see Olivia again?

Of course we will. And I hope they don’t drag this out.

When we last saw Liv, we all screamed right? Well I know I did. She had been kidnapped, and I for one am ready to see her returned to the arms of whichever man she chooses this time around. Speaking of, Liv was having a good ole time with her extracurricular activities wasn’t she. One minute she was sleeping with  POTUS, and the next she was sleeping with Jake. Back and forth so much that I became dizzy. And oh, let’s not forget about Miss Quinn hunty.. Miss Thing has certainly been getting her life. Gone is the sweet little Robin that we met in season 1 and 2. She done had her little gun toting bad girl cherry popped, and she ain’t been right since. Her and Huck, then her and cray, cray Charlie.. One minute they were fighting and the next minute they were hunching.. Chile…
And call me stuck, but I for one just can’t get over Harrison being gone.
I just can’t. The original gladiator. These folk been struggling every since..
And Abby.. When she come on the screen, I be saying, “girl, I been stop liking you.” LOL..
And then there is Huck. We left off with him finally reconnecting with his son, and then came the drama. I think that little ex love of his is fixing to have him locked up.
Who took Liv??
Jake? Ah, Nope
Poppa Eli Pope? Ah, Nope (too obvious)
I believe it was who ever had been watching her, but I still don’t know who hired them.
What if it was Mellie. Tehehe.. Smelly Melly.. chile, I like to bout wet myself when Fitz called her that.
What if it was Momma Pope working from the underground. Hmmmm..
Maybe, just maybe, that ole sneaky Portia De Rossi did it… whoever her character is, (I forget) that heffa is sneaky.

Well, whatever is going down, I’m gonna be here for it.
And what kinda girl would I be if I didn’t shout out my Scandal..

Tune into, tonight at 9 on ABC.

Are yall watching?

Peace and love,

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