Day 2, and I’m still shaking…

Dirty toilets.
One window.
duct tape.
Men in black.
Dingy walls.
Concrete floors.


All elements of last night’s Scandal.
I am still messed up off of that episode. I did not see that coming.
Not any of.
Auntie Shonda got me again.
Look, I was shook ok. The episode was dark and eerie. Terrifying really. And I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.


Within the first few minutes, I was already thinking,  this some ole Isis type ish..
It was one of the best episodes and also one of the most disturbing. It seemed to reminiscent of the world of today.
But I lives for Olivia who still managed to keep a pretty good weave and manicured nails while living in the bowels of hell.
Even in captivity, Liv can still serve up a read.
And then, she lost herself, and then she became the lone gladiator.


The cinematography and the writing was brilliant.
I can usually predict something. See something coming. But… not last night. That show had me spinning and still wondering who are these fools.

I’ve been obsessing and compulsing all day. So much, that I am about to watch it again, see if I missed anything.

What is Fitz gonna do?
What will Jake do? What will the 2 remaining members of Pope and Associates do?
Hell, let me stop it. I know that nobody will be able to spring her from this except Poppa Pope.

I can’t wait for next week.

Oh how miss talking to my Grandmother about Scandal. She would have been all up on this..

For now, I’ll just blog about it because I will explode otherwise. The Scandal weekend mashup. Until next week then.

Peace & Love

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