An open letter to the media on behalf of Bobbi Kristina Houston and family

It’s so tragic.

It seems unreal.

The biggest tradgedy of all is the way this situation has been vilified in the media.

Saying things like Bobby Brown is inconsolable. Bobby Browns eyes are red. I mean really. Why do we need it reported that he is inconsolable. It’s his child, how the hell should he be.

The news is blowing me.

The media is blowing me.

The online entertainment reporting industry is blowing me.

The story keeps changing, and it changes because they spin it anyway they wish.

With that being said, I wish the press and media would leave this family alone.

How would you feel if this was your child.
If it was your sister your niece, your God-child, or your anything. How would you feel?

You have gone so far as to make up stories.

To find these so called, “inside sources.”

Who, if by the way are giving up any info, they are just as vile as the media.

As a person who has been to the bowels of despair watching a loved one leave this life, how dare you !

As a person who understands the meaning of privacy, trying to find freedom to grieve or cry, or make peace, how dare you !

How dare you invade, and plant youselves in the nucleus of their tragedy. How dare you !

How dare you speak of this young woman as if she is already gone, how dare you !

You aren’t God.

You don’t have the inside scoop.

You are speculating. And telling lies.

When will someone stand up and say, hasn’t this family been through enough.
When will someone stand up and say, you don’t even know these people.

When will someone stand up and say stop it.

Let them grieve. Let them hope. Let them pray.
Let them be.. Please let the Brown and Houston family be..

My prayers go out to the family. Not because I know them, but because I empathize.

Let them be.

May God’s will be done.

Peace, love, and prayers


  1. dannick said:

    Well said. You can never trust the media. It’s a sad story. I hope she recovers.

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