Little heffa. I’m old school..don’t try to play me out

I’m old school. I know that about myself. I cringe at disrespectful children. I shudder at the mom who ignores or yells at her child with the behavioral issue. Instead of talking, or correction, she plays Ray Charles to it.
I get so annoyed at some of these teens and young adults that I just keep my distance. For instance. Me and my old school self, which by the way I make no apologies for, i went straight off, just a smidgen on the little girl that works with me. I call her a little girl because she is the same age as my oldest child. She’s 23. And full of new age ways, and has no respect or old school in her at all. Because if she did, she would never have answered me with the tone of  her ” WHAT” shenanigans. She had done this before, the little heffa. And I had let it slide, but this time, I got her little arse all the way together. I forgot for a minute that she wasnt a child of mines because I was in route to commensing on chastising that ass.

And i notice that she has developed a habit of fitting in to the fabric, the mold of the unsuspecting. But she must not know about me.

I’m not difficult, I’m really not. But I don’t play games. She looked me in the eyes..well,  slightly. She looked at me and she told a lie. A lie that she and I both knew existed.. ohhh man, I’m blown. And then there is the issue of that thing she does. That ” WHAT,” that she does.
I broke it down to the girl real simple.

Don’t answer me like that. It’s disrespectful, and yea I have a problem with it. It’s not my fault your mother raised you like a damn wolf. Didn’t teach you to respect your elders (well I didn’t say the wolf part, but you get my drift)

I think I’m too angry to convey how this little heffa ticked me off.

Anyway, she is just trying it with me. She really is.
I can forgive  and take on a lot of things, but a liar, I just can’t do it.
Low tolerance.

Ok, enough that, back to work..


Pray for me.

That I don’t go ape s**t on her.

Count to 100. Slowly taking deep breaths.

Let it out.

Ok, all better now..

I really am.

Ode to my rant… This is where I get off.

Peace and love,

  1. Mary Conyers said:

    Take it easy on the child. She is NOT yours. I understand how you feel because these children don’t have no respect for no one. This is because their parents act the same way.

  2. I know she aint my child ! I didn’t mean it literally.. I would never put my hands on someone unless I had to defend myself. And aint nobody getting in the way of my paycheck. But i will not be dosrespected. NOPE. This is just a venting session. Ain’t no telling what might come outta my mouth on this here blog Aunt Mary. Lol

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