The Love Below- Valentine edition re-visited

Today your ears just may overdose on hearing about Love, love, love.
We all need it.
We all want it.
Some of us want marriage, and these days it can seem disheartening and almost non exisistant.

If you are young, single, divorced, or feeling like love will never come your way again, then the  Love Below is for you.

I decided to do a feature on love and marriage as a tribute, and also as a way to fortify those of us who haven’t given up on the idea of love and marriage.

If it wasn’t for these couples, I may have given up a long time ago. I gathered close family and friends and asked a few questions about love, marriage and commitment. I know and love them all, but their answers still struck a cord at my heartstrings. I’m a big ole softy, and love is a big deal to me. Please enjoy the following featured post.

Meet Jerome and Brandy


How long have you been together.
We met when were ages 12 and 14. We’ve been together for 23 yrs not including a small break up we had for a few years while adjusting to our own indivual growing pains.

How did you know your mate was the one? We’ve always known. I knew Jerome was the one when I asked myself if I could see myself without him my answer was always NO, so from there I knew he was my forever and he feels the same way. We really are best friends.

How do you work through marital issues.
We try not to argue, and we resolve issues by communicating. First off, without proper communication, things will not work. We talk about our issues and come up with a solution.

Today, marriage especially among younger couples is very rare. What’s your formula to a loving, long lasting healthy marriage?  
Again, communication is key. I’ve also learned that I am not in this marriage alone, so I let my husband be a man and by that I mean, I let him take care of his family.


Jerome and Brandy are a great couple.
I’ve watched these two kids grow into beautiful,  successful adults raising their family and doing it together. My little cousins inspire me!
Their favorite song is The Best of Me by Anthony Hamilton

Meet Brad and Dorothea
How long have you been together.
We’ve been together for Twenty-two years total and married for fifteen.

How did you know you two were meant to be together?
I knew because we couldn’t be with any one else, even when we tried.

How do you work through any marital issues.
We just work. It seems like there is a whole lot to that,  but it’s not.  We just work through it.

Today, marriage especially among younger couples is very rare. What’s your formula to a loving, long lasting healthy marriage? I don’t know the formula. We just try to make each other happy. Brad is really smooth foreal. *she smiles*
He always knows what to do and say.


Brad and Dorothea are another one of those couples that are young, and have defied the odds by successfully remaining together. They are great parents to my nieces and nephew. They are good together and my brother is probably one of the most handsome men I’ve ever seen. And no, I’m not bias just because he’s my brother (well maybe a little bias) but, honestly aren’t they a great looking couple?
Their favorite song is Up Where We Belong by Bee & Cecelia Winans

Meet Tony and Tammy


How long have you been together.
We’ve been together for twenty years and married for seventeen.
How did you know you were meant to be together?
My husband came into my life when I was running the streets and out of control. He calmed me down so I knew then that he was the one.
How do you work through marital issues?
Communication is the key. Also, marriage is a partnership. Never let anyone into your business.

Today, marriage especially among younger couples is very rare. What’s your formula to a loving, long lasting healthy marriage? If you have something that works, dont change anything because as soon as you put the marriage tag on your relationship then people tend to change, often for the worse and it can mess up the whole relationship.


These two are the God-parents to my seven year old. They have always filled that role very well and consider her one of their own kids. The marital image that is most needed in family, we have been fortunate enough to see that in them. They have a great marriage and I can always count on a good laugh, a listening ear,  and the honest truth. I am blessed to have them in my life. My daughter is blessed to have them, and they definitely are an inspiration to me. One of my favorite true love couples.
Their favorite song is Spend My Life by Eric Benet’ & Tamia

Meet Marcel and Tamara


When did the two of you meet and how long have you been together? We met in our early twenties and we’ve been together now for almost 12 years and counting…. *smiles*

How did you know you were meant to be together? Tammy explains, How I knew he was the one for me was I prayed after coming out of an abusive relationship, I prayed and asked God for certain details, character, personality, and his physical appearance, and I did not share these things with anyone except God!! Because I could not afford to submit to another man that God didn’t ordain for me!! Lord that was a mess!!!

How do you work through marital issues. The way we LEARNED to work through our marital issues was by communicating and being honest, even if the truth hurts… And compromising and praying together! Also what we’re even doing now is making sure even our goals line up with God and each other!
What do think is the formula for a successful and happy marriage?
I would have to say the secret to a long lasting and happy relationship is first  knowing that you’re there to last… Come what may… Also key is counseling to help maintain what you have… A lot of young couples today are not taking their vows seriously… “For better or for worst” those Words mean everything!! Trust me when I tell you it has not been peaches and cream always but you have to be willing to keep pushing!! Marriage is not for punks!! Lol. sorry for tht word!! But it’s the truth. Hope this helps someone and we love u lots!!

Song choice for this couple is Stay with You by John Legend

When I asked My cousin Tamara to do this, she didn’t hesitate and said she was honored. But let me say, it’s an honor for me. These are people that I love, my family and I am so proud of the fact that I can be a voyeur into the life of something good. I’m honored and inspired.

This feature warms my heart. These couples are far from perfect, but they are the real thing. I wanted to write about relationships of young people that went beyond ten years or more. I am happy with what I see here. I get mushy when I read their responses and when I see the love flowing between them all.
Don’t give up on love yall, the ONE is on the horizon.

Happy love day!
Peace and blessings,

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