I’m old school. I know that about myself. I cringe at disrespectful children. I shudder at the mom who ignores or yells at her child with the behavioral issue. Instead of talking, or correction, she plays Ray Charles to it.
I get so annoyed at some of these teens and young adults that I just keep my distance. For instance. Me and my old school self, which by the way I make no apologies for, i went straight off, just a smidgen on the little girl that works with me. I call her a little girl because she is the same age as my oldest child. She’s 23. And full of new age ways, and has no respect or old school in her at all. Because if she did, she would never have answered me with the tone of  her ” WHAT” shenanigans. She had done this before, the little heffa. And I had let it slide, but this time, I got her little arse all the way together. I forgot for a minute that she wasnt a child of mines because I was in route to commensing on chastising that ass.

And i notice that she has developed a habit of fitting in to the fabric, the mold of the unsuspecting. But she must not know about me.

I’m not difficult, I’m really not. But I don’t play games. She looked me in the eyes..well,  slightly. She looked at me and she told a lie. A lie that she and I both knew existed.. ohhh man, I’m blown. And then there is the issue of that thing she does. That ” WHAT,” that she does.
I broke it down to the girl real simple.

Don’t answer me like that. It’s disrespectful, and yea I have a problem with it. It’s not my fault your mother raised you like a damn wolf. Didn’t teach you to respect your elders (well I didn’t say the wolf part, but you get my drift)

I think I’m too angry to convey how this little heffa ticked me off.

Anyway, she is just trying it with me. She really is.
I can forgive  and take on a lot of things, but a liar, I just can’t do it.
Low tolerance.

Ok, enough that, back to work..


Pray for me.

That I don’t go ape s**t on her.

Count to 100. Slowly taking deep breaths.

Let it out.

Ok, all better now..

I really am.

Ode to my rant… This is where I get off.

Peace and love,


It’s Thursday right?

You darn skippy it is.

What does that mean?

Well for me, it’s the return of Scandal baby…

Whose a bigger Scandal addict than me? Hey look, I’ve got it bad and you know what, I don’t care.
Honey I lives for Olivia Pope, Fitz, Mellie, Harrison, Cyrus, Huck, yea, you got it right, I lives for the whole clan.
I do realize that a few lunatic happy people are perfectly fine without a dose of Scandal and to them I say, the choice is yours, I just don’t understand it.

I really wish someone would ring my phone tonight during Scandal. That’s a no no. It’s always some non-Scandal person doing the ringing too. Don’t even do it tonight, I ain’t having it! Ha!


Social media has been buzzing all day about the return of Scandal. I mean we’ve only been waiting a thousand years for its return. Geesh! LOL

I spotted a few good laughs today. And I wanted to share it here..

Scandalites and Gladiators alike. Enjoy!





Happy SCANDAL Thursday.

The count down has begun.


School delay.
School closing.

My job doesn’t care about any of it,  be on time.
These weather related school closings are hell on parents, especially single ones. If another parent were in the home, I would be like, “uh un, I’m not staying home, it’s your time,  I did it last week.”


I’m laughing but I’m pissed!

Look I know the rules ok..
I follow the rules. My work ethic is solid.
And every now and then, unforeseen foolery occurs.

But now, it’s starting to affect my upcoming vacation time. If this continues my children will be sitting around singing “kum ba yah my lord” during their spring break instead of being on a gorgeous vacation.


and then….
adding insult to injury, school resumed today,  well all schools except my seven years olds school. The power still hasn’t been restored in some areas/schools.
I should be understanding huh? Even though this is ruining my paid time off.

Now the hard choice comes in.
Do I:
1. Keep the older kids at home with the little kid?
2. Stay home with the little kid and get the occurrence and use yet another day of vacation time? (It’ll be the 6th day in the last 3wks, all weather/school closing related)
3. Take little miss I’m out of school today to work with me and have coworkers, patients,  doctors, nurses all look at me like I’m crazy?

Choices, choices…

I tried to talk to my manager about this,  and she is basically Ray Charles to it. She doesn’t see that a problem exist for me. GET To Work On Time.  That’s what she knows.
The life of a single mother,  it ain’t easy!
Where are you SPRING. I need you. ..
This too shall pass.


Warning: This will make your day. Enter at your own risk.

I’m kind of certain,  that you haven’t seen anything more funny, precious, or adorable this whole day. I’m offering a money back guarantee if you don’t so much as crack a smile.
You’ll probably roll over in laughter.

I’ve watched it a half dozen times myself this morning and I wanted to share this laughter because baby baby made me feel all types of good.
She proves it! Laughing is good for the soul.

And the parents.  Awwww, what an awesome memory to have. To know their own baby has tickled the world with laughter. So precious.

Now, if that doesn’t jump start your day with goodness and joy, well then my dear you might be a lost cause. 🙂

Peace and love today

He comes at me and stares me down like I should be open to this.

As if I would.

He blows me a kiss.

Can you get to know me? What?
You’re kidding right?
And if I was to get to know you sir, what would it be like?

Forgive me for my judgment but you smell of alcohol, your fingernails are filthy, and your eyes are so red that it’s hard to believe they’ll ever turn white again.

I can speak to you about my life, I can speak to you about God.

But he said, “I don’t need to know all that, I know God, I want to know you in a special way, I wanna be your man.”

How would that work?
Could I take you home to my children? Count on you to earn a living and be responsible for yourself.
Would you be a positive asset to my life.
I mean think about it, is today the last day you take a drink.
Is today the day you clean your nails atleast.
And stop looking for your next great scheme.
Is today the day you seek forgiveness for whatever and try to live a better life. Is today the day you become productive.  
I can pray for you.
I even wish you well, but.. You don’t really want to know me.  
You’ve known plenty of me’s.
Unlike what you think, we aren’t that rare of a breed.
And I’m sure, throughout your times, you’ve ran across me a time or two..Maybe even three..

He stops, and stares as if he gets it now..

He looks at me and says, “yea I know you… Had one just like you. My crazy ex wife she wanted me to come home at night, stop drinking, stop gambling, quit my girlfriend, go to work, help pay the bills, and give her my all. Naw, I ain’t ever going back to that.. Excuse me Miss Lady, but I gotta get away from you.”

Gladly sir, and you have a blessed day.

I cracked up at the irony of him “getting away from me” like, he thought I was somehow open to this.
As if I would..

” The bone collector. I chew em up, and spit em out like snuff.”

Men that is. But not in the way you might think. It seems, I’ve developed quite a reputation. I don’t wait years or even months to aknowledge the truth of what a man shows me. If he has questionable behavior, or is disrespectful, or has character defects that just won’t do for me, I end it. Immediately.
Look, I’m a grown woman. I even have an adult child. I don’t have time for chaos, or confusion. I can’t and I won’t waste my time on someone who starts off wrong. It’s me and, I make no apologies for that. Those who are close to me joke me about it though. A few of us were together the other night, and I was talked about like I wasn’t even there. It was all in fun, but still they weren’t holding back. My cousin mentioned her husband asked how things are going with a guy I was newly dating because, “we all know that it could be over in a flash as soon as he does something she doesn’t like.” (By she, she meant me.)
They all chimed in laughing in unison,  slapping fives and agreeing that his bones could being laying in the box along with the rest at any minute. I laughed it off too, but it has certainly forced me to think this thing over. Especially after my date with that same man they were referring to, ended in haste. At first, I was having a good time. Really just enjoying getting to know him, and then all in one date,  everything was revealed to me.
This guy is the antithesis of everything that I’m not. Things I told him I didn’t like, he agreed with me, yet, he revealed those very same things in himself. All in one date. I sat back, and watched, listened, and shook my head to the tune of, I am was just too damn good for this. I’m not going to get into deep details, but, it had alot to do with drugs and alcohol, marriage, and a closeness that began to feel…..fake. I didn’t want to marry him, I had just met him. He was already planning our engagement pictures. Then a wedding. Scratch that. This fool is crazy.

Love should be organic. Not rushed, or forced just…natural.

Underneath all the mess, I guess he was a nice guy, but clearly not for me. I ran from him. NOT WALKED, I RAN. There is no way I can accept lies, deceit, and disorderly conduct. It happened so fast, his head was spinning. My final words…I’m done.

Bone collector strikes again.

I don’t really like having such a reputation for sniffing out the bull, but I guess I’ve earned it. How you start is how you finish. If you have behavior from day one that I cant stomach, why would I continue?  In relationships we often give away too much, too soon. So fast that we don’t get to see the questionable behavior that could be lying underneath. It gets clouded by emotion and we can’t see clearly. Therefore, we later complain about these issues but, ignore what’s been there from the start. I’ve been there and done that. No more. I won’t…I’m done.


A true life short by Dee.

I know what I know, and it only takes me five minutes to figure things out.

I don’t care if I’m judged for it, shunned, or even a hand is flicked my way in disapproval.

They say woman are crazy, and this may be true but I’ve got one for you too.
Men talk too much, and some not enough at all.

Is there an in between with this species? Talk, talk, talk.

Excuse me sir, this is where I get off.

I don’t have the most intellectual mind around, but still, I have a standard of stimulation and all this talk about you,  you, you, isn’t doing it for me.

Is your life measured by the things you’ve accomplished and or acquired?

Is there any seeing what lies within your heart? Or is it just…THINGS.

All I see is surface, and for me, that just won’t do.

Excuse me sir, this is where I get off.