natural hair

(Picture heavy)


What will be, will be… in a nut shell, it means no worries !




Dress up. Or dress down, anything can look classy. You just have to be yourself, and own it.



I get bored with my hair easily. It’s always a problem.


Seems like this scarf and bag are super old, yet, I’ll never tire of either.


Me and the coworkers dressed as the cast of Orange is the New Black and got rave reviews. Definitely one of the more fun looks.


Just churchin’


Sometimes it’s straight, sometimes it’s tightly coiled. I’m still natural and have been since March 2011. Yup, I’m coming up on my 4 yr anniversary. As a former queen of the relaxer, I am living proof that anyone can do this natural hair thing. Word !


Blow out again. I’ve been getting them on and off for about two years. I have to admit, I have some heat damage, and certain areas on my heart will not kink or knot up anymore. It’s not that important as hair has never been a gaga thing for me. I’m seriously considering big chopping again as I did in 2011.  Shown here.


I kept putting off doing a 2014 recap, and what do you know, here it is being February.
Oh well, better late than never.
I do hope you enjoyed some of my favorite looks and hairstyles from 2014.

I’m more than ready to create new ones for 2015.
Peace and love,

Sometimes these walls seem to cave in on me but when I look in your eyes, I feel alive. Some days we say words that don’t mean a thing, but when you’re holding me tight, I feel alive”

Blue obviously has an undistinguishable language that
even her mother Beyonce cannot always understand, but the heart understands it as love and somehow that makes it alright. Beyonce professed this, as well as her love in the newly released song, Blue feat. Blue Ivy Carter. Clearly, mom loves her daughter. I don’t know the Carters’ but, the love seems pretty apparent to me. However, common angst amongst the viewing public, mainly the watchful, hating our naturally nappy hair, eye of the black woman suggest that because Blue’s hair is unkempt,  uncombed, or missing barrets, bows or hair ties, her mother must not love her. Her mother must not care,  some even have gone as far to call it neglect. Comeon people. Neglect?
Some of you are reaching a bit far with that. Don’t cha think.

Mommy obviously isn’t bothered by Blue’s natural hair doing whatever it chooses to do and baby doesn’t mind either.  The nerve of some women. Projecting their own self image issues on to Blue’s hair. Why do you care? Why is it bothering you? What, you know them?

I was on instagram and someone posted a picture of baby Blue’s hair.  All kinds of slander and hate was up under that post. And then, out of nowhere, the #beyhive buzzed into action. Y’all do know about the Beyhive right? Well its basically Beyoncés social networking mafia. I’m not a member,  and I haven’t quite figured out how they always swarm into action at precisely the right time.  What I do know is this, whoever posted the picture of Blue’s hair is no longer on instagram. Case closed.

You won’t find the picture, or any other picture of Blue’s hair in this here post. If  you’d fancy yourself on seeing it, try google. Flatout, I ain’t the one. Case closed.

I’m not going as far as to have debates about the baby’ hair. As I’ve said before, I don’t know the Carters and I really don’t care. I think Blue is a beautiful baby and her natural hair should be celebrated. I do wonder though, how Beyoncé must feel. Even if you have the thickest skin,  it’s hurtful. As a mother, I will fade to black about one of mines in 0.0 seconds. You don’t come for people’s kids like that. I will go off about mines. Case closed.

The bottom is this, Blue is just a baby. She is not your child, and her hair being “unkempt” as you call it, is her mother’s choice. Now if you want to sound off about something concerning children, why not sound off about these babies making these twerk videos. Nasty! Oh, but y’all think that’s cute though. Em hmm.

My daughter showed me a video uploaded to Vine for the world to see, and this baby, who couldnt have been any older than two, was obviously taught to curse. Yelling out profanity better than any sailor I ever heard of. Why can’t these same group of women get disgusted by that. Instead, we ignore the twerk videos, the cursing baby videos and we put our attention on an innocent babies natural hair. I mean really. Wake up people. We have to do better.

Peace and love

**picture heavy**
Hey Dears
Just a quick post about my hair. I took my braids out. I had them in for about a month. The hair was too tangled for my liking and my scalp was itching like crazy. I knew I had to do something else to protect my natural hair. If I look at it too long, I might be tempted to slap the creamy crack(relaxer) back in it. You know, once a addict, always a addict.
Yesterday I went and got a full sew in weave for the first time. Let me tell you, I don’t know how women do it. I was in so much agony. During the process I had feelings of regret, nausea, confusion, you know second guessing my decision the whole time. I had no idea how painful the process is to get a hair weave. I’m not what you’d call tender headed either. That pain was real. A headache is an understatement. I’ve been taking pain pills, like foreal, nobody warned me that it would feel like this. The weaveologist told me that my scalp is more sensitive since my hair is natural and that when it grows out more, it wont hurt as much. I know the stylist was sick of me! Lol.. I’m not even the type to do hair salons, as I’ve been doing my own hair for years. I’ve even sewn in weaves on other folks, but never on myself. Anyway, enough of my whining. It’s done now, I’m still in pain too.
I totally forgot to snap some pics of my hair after I took the braids out. It’s growing alot. I’ll show a few of my hair journey pics below and my new style. I’m still trying to get use to this look. I haven’t had long hair since I was a child. I’ve been chopping and whacking it off since I was like sixteen. I think short hair just compliments my face better. And I’ve noticed, this hair really has me looking like a teen. I don’t know if I like it yet. You guys let me know what you think.

In the beginning

Big chop was in June-(excuse the huge pimple, but it is what it is)





I was missing the creamy crack, so I blew it out



Drum roll- now the weave!





Look at this pain, this is how tight my braids are underneath


The back



Thanks for watching my hair journey. Pray for me that this pain goes away!!!

Happy Saturday- I’m in the streets with my cuzzo today.

Peace and Blessings,