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If you are a true music lover, this flavored album will likely be the most glorious hour and four minutes that you’ve spent in a long time. Danger Zone, by the incomparable Judy Cheeks has arrived and it’s smoking hot. The contrast of Judy’s voice within the folds of this music is the right kind of vibe. The title track is an up-tempo dance number that will have you snapping your fingers and humming along as if you have no other choice but to walk into the “Danger Zone.”

The groove continues into the declaration-styled anthem, “Never Wanna Be Without Your Love,” where the richness of Judy’s voice is the distinct star of the track. The Stevie Wonder infused, “If I Were You,” is a petition to a lover and you can feel that in every note as she sings, “every day you try to question me about a love that your heart should see in me.” The range and pitch of her voice is phenomenal in all of these tracks and you begin to see just how seasoned and versatile Judy Cheeks is. “Hard Woman,” is an edgy track that proves the roar of a woman is like no other. With powerful conviction, it screams the freedoms of a hard woman that takes no mess! Whether the calming adoration of “Love Will,” which promises that it will give you light and change your mind, or the soul-stirring, foot-stomping, “Love Has Come Back,” there is no doubt that Judy Cheeks is a force to be reckoned with on the music scene. “So Close” leaps from the depths of Judy’s soul. Her voice is gorgeous on this romantic interlude that captures the essence of when love has been found in the purest form. She speaks of desire, and confidence, a boldness really that declares, “we are so close that I can feel you living inside me, feel you breathing through me, so close.” Other stand out tracks like, “Break Me Baby,” “Who’s That Girl, and “How Do You Do It,” are worth mentioning. There is something for everyone within the sixteen songs offered on this brilliantly executed project. The timing is perfect. The blend of Judy’s voice with the dynamics of her lyrics will minister and soothe your soul in a way that music has not done in a long time. This wave into the Danger Zone, is one worth riding.

You can link with Judy Cheeks for updates on Facebook and find her music on Itunes , Cd baby and other digital outlets.

As always- love, peace and good music,



Many mountains to climb.

And boy, did she climb them.

“I want to write so well that a person is thirty or 40 pages into a book of mines before they even realize they are reading.”

That is the kind of passion and inspiration I desire with my writing. That’s just who Maya was. Direct, passionate, vibrant, thrilling, influential, beautiful, and intricately delivering the truth. Even if the truth wasn’t always delicate, she served it.

It’s no secret that Maya was a literary love of mine. Next to J. California Cooper, I’ve never been more inspired.

My heart is sad and heavy because I did have dreams of meeting her, listening to her speak and soaking in just a glimpse of her wisdom. Her words have moved me since I was a tot. When I read “ I know why the caged bird sings” , I was intrigued from that day forward.


To overcome so much in her life time and climb so many mountains. What else could one wish for. A life filled with purpose, and she certainly lived it.

She was brilliant. Her voice was my voice. She is loved by millions. How did she do it? How did she captivate the world. She defined her purpose in the midst of her storm and she full filled it.

What can be more evident and beautiful than that.

She was purposed by design.

My feelings are raw. I don’t have time for edits and rough drafts today. My heart is cracked open with sadness. But leaping with  joy at the same time, that I’ve lived during this time to be able to breathe in the ambiance of one of the most prolific, beautiful, author, activist and poets of our time.

To the one and only. I’m so glad you climbed those mountains. Dr. Maya Angelou, rest well with the angels..


(This is my favorite picture of Maya)