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You know what.. You heffas kills me… Makes my booty and my scalp itch.

You huzzies will talk about how you are so special because you have a man, the best man in the world as if it makes you, supreme being because nobody else has what you have.
You’ll talk about how you will take someone’s man, and be a side chic and claim its your right. You’ll talk about 32 inches of Brazilian, Remi, Russian, Peruvian, or Cambodia hair, the best edge control this side of the earth, and the latest and hottest hand bag.
You’ll show that cheap ass bag of shaat that bae got you from Victoria Secret, and the barely alive flowers he picked up from the Giant on the way to your house for a booty call.
You will post about the hottest party of the year, and how you stunted on every one of them. You’ll talk about being petty as if it’s somehow cute. Like it’s a badge of honor and then will have a cheering squad like yea, I’m petty too. 
On a daily, you will insult other sisters as if they are somehow beneath you, and you do it with so much pride. You’ll call yourselves bad bitches, and then demand that a man respect you like you are the grand quintessential everything. You’ll talk about your baby daddy being a dead beat, even though you picked him, and talk about his new baby momma being ugly and nasty and fat,and then fuss with your new mans baby momma like it’s somehow your right. 
You’ll talk about your haters, how someone looks fat, ugly, has two stomachs, two necks, wears a waist trainer and is a hoe, but you heffas won’t talk about social injustice and race relations in this country.. 
You heffas won’t acknowledge that we have a real crises within our own communities, let alone America. 

Keep on living in your own comatose bubble and getting your lashes done by Ming ting a ling, and painting brows on with sharpie markers but when it comes to what really matters, you are as shallow and superficial asthe 1 feet of pool water that they put in the baby pool.. Chile, vamoose… Be gone!

Before you say it, or even think, I’ll say it. Yes, I’ve been away from this blog way to long. Listen, man, look.. I’ve been consumed by school and parenthood and life in general. So forgive me. But what better way to bring me out of my hiatus than a good old rant.. I’m not checking for grammatical errors or sentence structure so you shouldn’t either. I get enough of that in school. Save your corrections for someone who cares. This is not that type of post.  This is just a rant..full of slang, and possibly errors… but the point is to make folks take a look inside. we have bigger fish to fry..

Peace and love,

Dee  (hey y’all.. I missed my blog)


A lady I know gave me a pamphlet, and asked me was I interested in sending my daughter to a four-day seminar geared towards empowering young girls. I checked out the information, and although it seemed like a great seminar to get my fourteen year old involved in, it wasn’t a good time for me and my family. I saw the woman a few weeks later and she asked me, “Did you register your daughter for the conference”? I replied that I hadn’t. She asked, why? I said because she didn’t want to go (which she really didn’t) although if I wanted her to go, she would have gone. I always let my children share opinions when they are concerned, but it goes without saying that I am the parent, and I the make the decisions. That was neither here, nor there. I was focusing on the stirring in my spirit telling me that this un-invited conversation was about to go south. So this chic goes off on this tangent about how it’s a seminar for empowering young girls. Ok and what about me would make you think I didn’t gather that from reading the pamphlet? And then… She made a wrong turn. She looked towards my daughter and said, “Do you want to be inferior? Or do you want more for your life? She then says to me, you should make her go, what else is she going to be doing. I was so in shock with how this stranger basically just came for my daughter. Do not come for me, if I didn’t send for you lady. Who are you? Who is she? She was like A Stranger in Moscow. You know, it took everything in me and the will of God to keep from cursing her out. I’m all for the old African proverb, it takes a village, but in this case, I believe in my new proverb, people really need to mind their own business. She had no idea of what’s going on with me now or that my daughter wasn’t going mainly because it was way too expensive on too short of a notice. She doesn’t know these things because, she doesn’t know me. She isn’t a friend of mine at all, and she definitely over stepped her bounds. I didn’t need her to advocate for MY child, MENTOR her, or make her feel any type of way about it. I mean who are you? Who is she? She was a stranger in Moscow that day. Insides warm as fire, outside cold as ice. Em, Em, Em. Some people aren’t even worth the energy. This woman is a busy body, a fraud, an opportunist, a hypocrite and a non-factor. You would have to know the history I have with her to know the contempt I felt for her that day. (Don’t judge me, I already asked God to forgive me.) It was a lot of kids present, and the environment we were in was totally not the place to explode. Besides, I’m a child of the king so I did what he would have wanted of me. I said the minimum and walked away from this one. Now, the moral to the story is, stay in your lane, and stop trying to occupy mines. God has put me in this lane for a reason, and you cannot come into my lane. You can’t have what I have, because what I have is for me. There is a divine purpose for your life. You have a lane of your own, so why can’t you be happy there. Some people are so empty, they will try to feed off of any tank they can. Sorry, my tank is always full, and it’s never up for grabs. Thank you very much!

So now that I’ve had my venting session… Let’s proceed. Today is a glorious day. We all should definitely embark on the beauty of it. In spite of the enemy coming for me, I’m still good. And I’m still blessed!!

Peace and blessings

Here is what I’m wearing today.

Black and white tweed blazer gifted

Yellow tee- H & M

Beige Corduroy’s- Thrifted

Belt- Thrifted

Clutch- Thrifted

Boots- Barefeet

Earrings, Bracelets- Forever21

necklace gifted

Hair Bow Dots

Just so you know, my eyes are squinting from the sun on the pictures and not frowning.